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Danish Andrological Society hosts the next International Congress of Andrology. Read more and register at












Previous courses

A course on male infertility, arranged by The Danish and Swedish Societies of Andrology, was held in Malmoe, Sweden in April 2016. Go here for details on the programme.


The EDMaRC Workshop: From primordial germ cells to spermatozoa was held in November 2015. See here for programme

A postgraduate course on Male Sexology was held in September 2015. See the programme here

Post graduate course in Andrological Endocrinology was held in January 2014. See here for programme.

Post graduate course in Male Infertility was held in January 2013. See here for programme

ICA 2017

Danish Andrology Society is hosting the next International Congress of Andrology. The worldwide meeting will take place in Copenhagen in May, 2017.